Msheireb Enrichment Centre is a landmark destination created by Msheireb Properties to serve as an educational portal to showcase Qatar's glorious past and soaring ambitions for the future.

The Centre is currently docked at the picturesque Doha Corniche, in close proximity to one of the city's oldest landmarks, the Sheraton Hotel.

About the MEC
  • Baraha

    The Journey Begins here

    Al Baraha currently serves as the entrance to the Msheireb Enrichment Centre and literally means an open air communal area within old Qatari neighborhoods where members of the community get together during the day...

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  • Past

    Touch Our Past

    Following the discovery of oil in the early 30’s, Qatar embarked on a period of growth fuelled primarily through the sea. Witness this period of growth knowing more about the way societies interacted with each...

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  • Present

    At The Gateway Of Change

    The country today stands at the forefront of excellence, championing causes in science, education, architecture, information, heritage and technology. Whilst the nation unites towards a common goal in...

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  • Future

    Experience Our Future

    Experience firsthand the grand plans this nation has in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. Witness the contributions being made by Msheireb Properties in the field of urban regeneration that will...

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